Karasunos, Oikawa, and kuroo visiting the aquarium with their gf (who happens to be a huge fan of aquatic things)?
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Hello yes, huge fan of aquatic things signing in…
Hinata: Bouncing around with her, he grew wide-eyed whenever she pointed a cool fish or other water-dwelling being out, complimenting her knowledge and following her around easily to see each and every exhibit in the place.
Kageyama: Though he wasn’t as interested and certainly didn’t look it, hands stuffed in pockets and all, he could appreciate the beauty she saw in the creatures, though some really freaked him out. (He certainly appreciated her beauty when looking at them too.) 
Sawamura: He chuckled whenever she dragged him anywhere, nodding at her questions of if he liked them, or could he see how pretty they were, or just how cool were jellyfish. To be honest, he was watching her a lot more than the fish however.
Tsukishima: He felt annoyed at the prospect, knowing it’d be a drag. The way she insisted on jumping from place to place, before going back was something that made him grind his teeth, but he stuck with her. That radiant smile he saw when she saw her favourite animal was something to be truly treasured. 
Tanaka: He loved the way her enthusiasm seemed to spread to him, so that even when she was crashed out he was still filled with energy. He kept an arm around her during their visit, grinning just as widely as her and commenting on weird looking fish. 
Azumane: He was quiet compared to her, choosing to gaze at her reflection instead of at the actual fish. He caught her eyes several times this way, blushing and pretending to refocus on one of the creatures they were meant to look at instead.
Nishinoya: Being just as bubbly as her, he took great pride in mimicking the fish’ deadpan expressions, or the way the jellyfish moved. He got her to laugh a lot and that was the only thing that mattered to him.
Yamaguchi: Being unsure about how to act, seeing as he didn’t have a great interest in aquatic things, he tried to mirror her smiles and joined in on her excited gushing as best he could, even though he sounded fake even to himself. He was sure she didn’t notice, being so enraptured with the fish after all.  
Sugawara: He smiled and went along with everything, pointing out the creatures he liked and that she perhaps hadn’t spotted yet. Overall, he liked that she wanted to share her passions with him and he felt closer to her somehow. 
Oikawa: He seemed more interested in flirting than in looking at the fish. But after she clearly paid no attention to him, he gave up and simply appreciated her expressions, making a game out of stealing kisses from her. 
Kuroo: He was pleased that he was asked along, clearly proud that she obviously cared so much for him that she wanted to share her love for fish with him. Though he thought all the aquatic things became a little boring after a while, he liked just being around her when she was so happy. 
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